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Simple Faction Rules

This is a very simple rule. Please respect everyone. Everyone is equal. Not just our faction, but all members in PWI. The "Golden Rule" applies. Treat everyone in the same manner as you would like yourself to be treated. 

You are carrying our name around, carry it with pride. We are not just a guild/clan/faction, we are also a family, one that encourages manners, kindness, generosity and moral conduct. If you have any problems with your faction mates, you can always contact any officer to help you out.


The nature of the game encourages players to create more than one character, and this leads to people becoming members in more than one faction. This is understood. However, recruiting for other factions from your character inside Sunshyne is not only disrespectful, it is not allowed. 

Recruiting can be direct or indirect. Examples of direct recruiting are suggesting that people might like to join another faction or directly giving recruiting information to encourage joining another faction. Indirect recruiting would include, but not be limited to, talking extensively about another faction and directly comparing it to Sunshyne in an unfavorable fashion. This does not include casual conversation about other factions. Casual conversation is not what is covered here - chatting about other factions and even discussing their good points is fine.

If you don't like the faction, speak to an officer in private to initiate change, or simply leave. We want happy members and if you aren't happy in Sunsh we encourage you to find a faction that is better suited to your playing style.

Chat Content:

Of course, we all want to have fun, but we need to maintain a certain maturity level. Make sure you keep the faction chat clean, no spamming, no overuse of caps lock, trash talking, offending, causing drama, etc. (also see: Respect). Performing any of these will have serious consequences, which may result in a warning or a (temporary/permanent) ban. We're here to play a game and have fun together, if you're looking for other things you don't belong here. There are people of many different ages in our faction so make this a safe place for everyone.

The faction chat channel should not be used to solve issues between individuals. The faction chat channel shall not be used to slander, belittle, argue with, or disrespect anyone. All disputes shall be handled on a private basis. Gossiping and talking behind others backs is not tolerated. If you find it impossible to solve your issue amongst yourselves, bring it to the attention of a specific Officer (Marshal, Director, Leader).

Random Talk

The random talk box! Here you can talk/say anything you feel like! within reason..

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